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Default Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 4

Originally Posted by ConanRulesNBC
Yeah Juice is another guy who just doesn't look like a legit biker and what he did sucked. I don't like the way his character was written this season. How could he be so stupid to take the drugs and then fall asleep in the grass right near the warehouse? Just too stupid.

LOL that was stupid as hell. He slept for like 10 hours underneath that tree

As far as Jax goes, that's just his style. I'm sure every biker gang out there has a bunch of members in his same style. There's a few guys I don't think make good bikers, Juice being one of them and Bobby. LOL what season was it where that fat ass Bobby ran off the road and into a ditch?? Or was that Tig??

I also can't stand that fat bastard prospect. Biggest p*ssy I've ever seen, plus he looks like he's right out of high school. I liked the other prospect though. That part where he held the gun up to his head and started screaming....good shit.
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