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Default Re: The NBA Statistics of the Great Vassilis Spanoulis: Europe's best player

Originally Posted by Nick Young
Yo dawg I need some links, that's pretty impressive, Rookie tony parker numbers!

He only got to play 20 minutes 2 times. It was decent playing time and not in garbage minutes.

In those games he averaged 13 a game, at 25.5 minutes (18.4 per 36 minutes).

13 points in 23 minutes

13 points in 28 minutes

He also had a decent game of 10 points in 17 minutes

He had some bad games too. But it was not bad for a rookie. Certainly, when he got non garbage time playing he did fairly decent for a rookie.

The problem was his coach just did not like him. I'm sure he could probably average over 20 in the NBA now quite easily. I mean Monta Ellis can get like 25 a game, so Spanoulis should be able to get 20 a game with absolute ease in the NBA with fair playing time. I mean Spanoulis is a better all around scorer than Ellis is.

I would say Spanoulis could have averaged 15-16 a game in his rookie season with no problem if he just would have been given consistent playing time.
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