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Default Re: US Media: Deron Williams Struggles in Europe (VIDEO)

Whenever I read that a good player in the NBA is struggling in Europe it makes me wonder if maybe they got too much special treatment in the NBA. How many times do we see stars pick up 2 quick fouls, and then never get called for another one until the 4th quarter? I think maybe in Europe we actually get to see just how good these player really are without the babying they get over her in the NBA.

That can't be good for the NBA's image. It draws attention to to the fact that stars get treated differently in the NBA, and don't get pampered to in Europe. Is the NBA softer? I think everyone is seeing that the answer is a resounding yes. It also calls into question if the reason the NBA refs favor stars is because they have an agenda. If they do, which is already the suspicion of many NBA fans, it makes the NBA more of an opera than a sport.
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