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As far as free agents they better not have Price as the back-up again!

Could look at Barea, Ford, Brown, Boykins, Telfair, Carter, Mills, or bring back Earl. Mills would be a young guy with some potential to take a look at. And he was behind their first round pick at the start of last year before the guy went down so he could be had I'd imagine. Supposedly they had interest in Flynn too and it sounds like he's still available. He didn't seem like a good fit but who knows who might be a good fit now if Corbin and staff change things up from the old way of doing things.

Also the possibility that teams will be able to get rid of a player with bad contract once they come to an agreement like last time. I think u have to get rid of Okur if u can but they could look at Devin or Jefferson with longer deals but they have trade value and more to offer on the court. Okur would have an expiring contract that would be of value too. Knowing the Jazz though they wouldn't take advantage of the opportunity like last time.
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