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Default Re: US Media: Deron Williams Struggles in Europe (VIDEO)

Originally Posted by B-Easy8
I agree.

If the NBA got rid of superstar calls, letting players get away with travels and allowing the players to be more physical the league would be amazing.

Well, since we're allowed to ignore the competition of retards between Euroleague and Rooster, I agree and that's one big difference between Europe and the NBA.

People who watch the Euroleague tend to be real basketball fans, whereas David Stern knows that if he gives up on the casual viewers he's ****ed. That's why he'll never do what you ask. In Europe however, they never had to change the rules to let overhyped guards with the IQ of an oyster dominate the game, and it wouldn't make any difference.

That's why I don't dislike the current system, where you have 2 very high level leagues, with the NBA having more talent but also being a little bit of a joke sometimes.
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