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Default Re: What Is Your Player Profile?

Age: 22
Height: 6'
Weight: 160
Race: White
Build: Ripped
Position: PG

Offense: Vocal on the court. Runs an offense smoothly. Unlimited energy and intensity on this end of the floor.

Excellent and very consistent jump shooter. Will instantly rise and shoot if any space is given. Looks to iso at the top of the key or post up on the low block. Great court vision. Uses screens off-the-ball for a dependable catch-and-shoot.

Average speed off dribble despite an excellent first step. Poor finisher at the rim in traffic. Uses the floater or baby hook to finish down low.

Depends on the pump fake and crossover to do work. Mostly works in the mid-range.

Defense: Sound fundamentals. Good footwork defending man-to-man on the perimeter.

Doesn't flounder, but doesn't wow. Gets very few blocks and steals. Below average rebounder.

Excellent help defender anywhere on the court. Doesn't gamble.

Good floor-leader. Outspoken. Deadly shooter from anywhere. Decent post game. Solid play-maker off the dribble.

Mediocre defender and limited rebounder. Little impact on defensive end.

Player comparison: Cross between Chris Paul and Ray Allen with a post-game mixed in.

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