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Default Re: ESPN: NBA Players Performance Overseas Already Damaging NBA Brand

Originally Posted by Go Getter
No one is talking about anyone else. This is a convo between you and me.

Stop trying to bring other unsupported views into the equation.

Voting for an MVP based off of team play (solely) is dumb as rocks).

It is not based solely off team play. Euroleague MVP candidates are picked by fan ballot in arenas. Then the candidates that are picked get voted for online by fans. Anyone in the world can vote, once a day.

Then 25% of that online fan vote is added to 75% of the media vote. The media has to follow certain rules.

1. Only candidates the fans picked can be voted for.

2. Only players from top 4 teams (like think conf. finals in NBA) can be voted for.

3. Team play must be taken as the criteria, instead of individual play.

So it is actually, team success, fans, and team play that is the criteria. But this just makes it all the more retarded that so many idiots here keep acting like Euroleague MVP is the same thing as NBA MVP. It is a totally different criteria and award.

So people posting pics of Parker trying to derail threads are just trolls and have no point and are not even logical.
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