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Default Re: ESPN: NBA Player's Performance Overseas Already Damaging NBA Brand

Originally Posted by Euroleague
For the vast majority of American NBA only fans, yes. They still keep saying Deron Williams plays in Euroleague. If a guy plays in Swedish League, they call it "Euroleague". They simply refuse to acknowledge that there is only one Euroleague, and instead count all European leagues as "the Euroleague".

Even after you explain it to them about 100 times.
I guess it is because of how US sports leagues work, they just assume that there is one single closed league in all of Europe and that every single player in Europe......plays in "Euroleague".

It's pathetic I know, but that's obviously how the vast majority of American NBA only fans view European basketball. Everything, even a domestic game in Austria, or a second division game in Belgium is "Euroleague".
American people don't need to know about inferior leagues. It's ridiculous. It's like having Messi next to you and you still want to meet Puyol.
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