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I like Mills, but he's not really much of a facilitator on offense. Probably a bit of a duplicate of Harris to be honest.

On the free agent list I looked at he's the only young prospect out there so unless u can get another one like Flynn or someone else in a trade or elsewhere I think u have to take a good look at him.

Same with Telfair and Ford, although those two would probably be the cheapest options.

Telfair almost signed in China which means no NBA out if he ends up going that way. Ford would be a good fit with the Sloan offense depending on how much things change up. He's an old school pass first point guard.

Wouldn't be opposed to bringing back Watson or maybe looking at another cheap guy like Acie Law.

I saw Acie Law on the list and passed right by him. He hasn't showed much if anything with any team he's been on. I like Earl and have no problem with him being back and not totally against Price as long as he's at the end of the bench as an energy guy when you need a spark not a rotation player but they will probably be going after two guys besides Harris.

I'd say Okur would be the obvious choice for a buyout.

And he's getting about the same as Deron in Turkey I guess around 5 million so give him another 5 and he'd have a hard time saying no and the Jazz save 5 and get him out of town before he teaches Kantner his loafing ways.
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