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Default How crazy is this trade idea?

Im not good with trades so here it goes...Based on team needs...

Suns acquire:

Marvin Williams
Jeff Teague
Chris Bosh
Courtney Lee

Trade out:

Steve Nash
Hakim Warrick

for Bosh and a draft pick of some sort.

Robin Lopez

for Courtney Lee

Mickael Pietrus
Zabian Dowdell
Grant hill

For Marvin Williams and Jeff Teague

Aaron Brooks / Jeff Teague
Jared Dudley / Courtney Lee
Marvin Williams / Josh Childress
Chris Bosh / Markieff Morris
Marcin Gortat / Channing Frye

Based on last season:

Starters = 60 PPG

bench = 41 PPG

Average 101 PPG

Of course all speculation...

There are reasons behind these least in my opinion! please think about them before destroying me!

In terms of rebuilding (but still trying to compete) how does this team look?
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