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Default Re: How crazy is this trade idea?

Lets say these trades happened and we had this team.

-This puts a lot onto the plate of Brooks. A guy who still needs to adjust to the Suns system. I am concerned about the PG position in this scenario.

-Dudley/Williams is interesting. You might see more Lee/Dudley with Williams as the 6th man, and Childress lighting the bench on fire. replace Dudley and Williams as the respective 6th man.

-Bosh would be fine. I enjoyed him in toronto, and ignored him in miami(well, I ignored all basketball last season for the majority excluding march madness. which is the greatest basketball event bar none. anyways..). Morris shows promise, and I just want to see him do better than the other Morris.

-Keeping Gortat and Frye is great. In pretty much all Suns trade scenarios, I like seeing this.

Overall, I think its a pretty decent squad, although I think we could do better. As I'm not sure how well some of these players would fit in with the Suns overall playstyle.

And giving Miami Nash and Warrick? If that team didn't win a ring, I'd tear up. Letting Wade and James run with Nash? Sick.
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