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Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
Guys I'm an RPG guy. Will I like Demon and Dark Soul's? All I hear is how impossibly difficult these games are. Should I try this or Dead Island first? I hear both are incredibly difficult and brutal RPG's. One about Demons the other about Zombies.

Let me tell you how I tackled Demonís Souls. After reading how hard it was and how costly mistakes could be, I decided to buy it. I started it, but I was very careful in the first area. I died about 5 times. Many people die 10+times in this area. Thatís because youíre adjusting to the feel and difficulty of the game. Once you start to get this down, this will get a little easier. If you get frustrated by having to go back over about 5-15 minutes of gameplay then this might not be for you. So I put the game down for almost a year while other games came out. When I finally picked it up againÖ..I learned to love it all over again. Iím more into action RPGs now and nothing has been more satisfying than passing Demonís Souls. It makes you want to keep playing as you try to correct mistakes. Taking down a boss gives you that old-school feeling of beating difficult games of years past. You can get this for $20 now. Demonís Souls goes at least into my top 15 games of all time.

As far as Dead Island, I donít own it but plan to purchase it. I love zombies. Iím gonna take this game even with its faults. Iíll pick it up for the 360 cause the ps3 one has a glitch where it whipes out saves and they havenít patched it yet!
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