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Originally Posted by Fiasco
Those games aren't RPGs. They're streamlined, action "RPG" garbage. I've seen more RPG elements in a Splinter Cell game. Dark Souls is possibly the hardest game you'll ever play.. the AI isn't stupid and is punishingly brutal at times. Nothing from those two games prepares you for this.

I definitely think you should pick it up, but you WILL die over and over again. Frustrating, yet satisfyiing.

Yes they are action RPG but don't underestimate Bioware games. They are considered the WRPG company that really put Action/RPG/Choose your own adventure types on the map. They are very much so RPG's. Just a more modern type. No more of that lame turn based combat sh**. Bioware has produced so many RPG classics that many people consider their favorite games. KOTOR games, Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Jade Empire, Mass Effect, Dragon Age.

All classic and epic series. I'm a gamer through and through and anything I play I've succeeded at. Just because I'm a diehard Bioware fan doesn't mean I can't handle something more challenging.

I really want to try the game and just wanted to get more info on it. I'll just get it and try it on easy to start. According to the IGN reviewer he said the game forces you to learn and adapt and once you do it's very rewarding.

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