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Originally Posted by Fiasco
There's a lot wrong with this and I'm not going to address it in this thread for several reasons. Keeping on topic --

I'm tempering your expectations, nothing more or less. I was a Bioware fan until they betrayed their own vision. Dark Souls makes ME2/DA2 look like Minesweeper in terms of difficulty.

No such option. You can only start a New Game, NG+, etc.

I always take anything IGN says with a grain of salt. But that reviewer is right.

Ah so you're one of the types that thinks Bioware is a sellout because they are going more Action/RPG than traditional RPG. I think that's partly true but it doesn't take away from the fact that they are still among the best in the business. Dragon Age 2 received an average score of a 7.5 and that's the worst rated game they have made to give you an idea of their success.

Maybe you're different but their games just cater to exactly what I like the way that some people find that with Modern Warfare etc. The Action/RPG/Choose your own adventure deal is what I dreamed about as a kid who played video games. I think part of the problem is everyone is being forced to go the action/FPS route at least partially right now because games like MW outsell them by multiple times over.

Thanks for the heads up... It just came off like you were basically saying if I like Bioware games I don't stand a chance.
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