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Default Re: Eli Manning and the Dreaded Underrated Word

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-

The List: 'Worst' QBs to win a Super Bowl

defense wins championships...

I don't take lists seriously because they're total BS and one guys opinion.

Eli was great that postseason and far from one of the worst QB's every. He must have had a 6-0 TD-INT ratio with an extremely high QB rating. Hell if Romo pulled that off in the postseason you would claim he's the next Elway and don't forget that divisional playoff game that year were Romo choked(again) despite being the clear favorites. Eli is a better QB than Romo but that doesn't take anything away from Romo since Eli is really good.

Also every SB team has great defenses.. That's why they win usually win it but that giant team wasn't one dimensional and that offense relied upon Eli(although they had a great running game).. Fact is Eli out performed Garcia, Romo, Favre and Brady in that postseason. give the guy some credit.

Another thing is people love to bash Eli for his picks but they don't realize that his recievers had a knack for dropping passes and falling into the lap of opposing teams. Yes this happens to most QB's but it seems like it happens to Eli alot more. Manningham used to drop passes like they are harpons ready to spear him
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