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Default Re: Eli Manning and the Dreaded Underrated Word

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
knick, that list is based on the QB's entire career not just how they preform in the one Super Bowl they won...

Romo has much better career numbers than Eli does, so no he wouldn't be on that list if he won a ring...

^^^ top 5 passer rating all that doesn't mean Romo is better than Montana so don't even go there, different eras...but it does mean he has been great in the regular season...better than Eli

So why isn't Terry Bradshaw on there? Ever look at his regular season stats?

This link by the way proves that you can't use stats from this inflated era to determine anything, and why I said in another post that if someone surpasses Marino's record this year it will be cheapened. Matt Schaub and Joe Flacco ahead of Marino?

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