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Default Re: Did the Bulls overachieve last regular season? Phil Jackson thinks so

Originally Posted by tpols
I mean.. that pretty much means they overachieved. The playoffs usually show the true strength of a team, and they showed that the Bull's regular season record was not indicative of how good they really were.

I guess I don't agree that a teams record is an exact representation of how good the team will be come the playoffs, that would cause some real black and white "over/under achieving". Rather, "over achieving" to me is more of a team that suspiciously and awkwardly falls flat in the playoffs, like say SA last season. The Bulls made it to the ECF for the first time since 1998, which in it of itself is an achievement IMO. Given their knack for defense, their MVP's level of player, and their relatively well rounded cast of role players, I think their 61 win season wasn't that strange (relative to other 60-win teams).
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