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Default Re: Did the Bulls overachieve last regular season? Phil Jackson thinks so

Originally Posted by EnoughSaid
The Bulls were never an ELITE team. I wouldn't put them up there with the Heat, Celtics, Lakers and OKC. No body expected them to do that well and no one expected Rose to get MVP. I think they just got lucky and everyone fit in. Their bench helped tremendously too.

WE beat those teams handily and the Lakers got swept by the Mavs.

Why wouldn't we be "up there" with them?

To answer the OP:
1.) Yes. We overachieved.
2.) No, we weren't THAT amazing of a squad we played grind it out, improvised, often sloppy ball (esp. on offense).
3.) With a few tweaks I truly believe we can be champs in 2-3 years.
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