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Default Re: Official UCLA Bruins Thread:

* UCLA head coach Ben Howland was hopeful that De'End Parker (concussion) would practice today for the first time in nine days without contact. Parker has practiced just four or fives times out of 16.

* Center Anthony Stover is still 10-14 days from practicing even without contact, Howland guessed, and said he's expected to miss the season opener at least.

* Howland said Tyler Lamb would likely backup at the point guard spot in the team's exhibition matchup with Cal State San Bernadino with Jerime Anderson suspended.

* Howland on playing the scrimmage against Cal State Fullerton and the exhibition with focus: "We actually played the scrimmage against Fullerton like a regular-season game. That's what we're trying to prepare for.

* On Norman Powell playing the point:
"His biggest issue with me is his ability to stay in front of the ball. He's athletic so he should be able to do it, and be better than he is right now. The other thing is better passing."

* On the team's condition:
"We've had good comp, guys comepting real hard. Guys have doing a good job pushing in that respect. We just have a lot of areas (to improve). Since the scrimmage, I've been really conscious of getting us up and down more and more to increase our conditioning."

* On David Wear:
"He's done a really nice job. He's 6-10, so he's matched up with much smaller players and will be most of the year. That's my biggest concern is him defensively being able to stay in front. He's always going to have a disadvantage from that standpoint. He has to focus on staying low and really do a good job of staying in front of the ball."

* Howland on the key to utilizing David Wear:
"Get him posted up. Most three men will have a hard time guarding him in the post. We've got to start scheming to get things in. He's also a pretty clever passer."

* Howland on backup center:
"We'll play Travis (Wear) there some, even Brendan (Lane) there some. But we're going to miss Anthony. A real defensive presence. The thing I really like about Anthony is he really has a great motor in games. He plays as hard as anybody we have. Thought he really displayed that last year, doing the little things - boxing out, playing the shot, almost playing too aggressively at times. We're gonna miss that for sure."

* Howland on the potential trip to China:
"I would really love for our team to have that opportunity. Fitting into the timeline we want - after Session C so we don't miss class - I would really like it for next year's team. It would be great for the school, everything that's going on between our university and that country. There's a lot of benefits not just to our team but to the university as a whole as a good-will gesture."
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