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Default Re: A team in China wants Rodney Stuckey

If Stuckey really wanted to go over there he would've signed by now. The fact that he's so hesitant to do it just shows he'd much rather be in the NBA.

ESPN reported last night that the owners will cave in by Thanksgiving. So far the players are the only side to give anything up (and they've given up a lot) so I don't see them going much farther. The 50/50 split is ridiculous. The players deserve more of the cut. I see them holding out a while longer and trying to stick at a 52/48 split and then we'll have a season that is compressed so we'll still have quite a few games, just in a shorter time period. Stuckey is just waiting that little bit longer. With the fine we saw on Harrison of Miami we know that there's plenty of owners who are ready to get this season started. They'll eventually get their way over the ones who weren't smart and paid too much for their small market teams because they thought it would be cool to own a team instead of making intelligent business decisions.
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