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Default Re: 2011 College Football Thread

Originally Posted by Timmy D for MVP
If you can't see that the fact that they were playing counter the other best defense in the land (1 and 2 easily this year), then idk what to say. 12th and 13th in PPG in the nation.

These offenses are not horrible. They look pedestrian against those elite, and I mean some of the best ever elite defenses.

I though Boise could take the power schools a couple years back. I do not think they can take them now.

Trust me I am a big supporter of a playoff system, and I think the BCS is bunk. This is rare for me to say but: if it comes to it Bama should get another crack over Boise and other one loss teams. I do however believe that Standford has a good shot to run the table.

Lets be real honest, these are the two best teams right now, and it's a pretty wide margin. Both would beat all the other NC contenders. I wish we had a playoff system to show that, but that's not the system. Assuming they win out LSU will face either an undefeated power school or Bama again, right now I have a hard time seeing Boise get the nod.

The rest of their competition...this year, which is all that very pedestrian. LSU and Bama may very well be the best two in the country, but beating t5he likes of the rerst of the SEC this year does nothing to prove that point. Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Miss St, So and all...are no better than dozens of other teams I've seen play. They're certainly not better than Boise; that's been established on the field.

So, when given the chance to play each other, what we saw were :

Two teams without a QB who could hit a wide open receiver. That's not defense.

Two defenses that were able to dominate teams that posed no threat in the passing game.

So, instead of rehashing the same thing (especially when the home team was the loser and proved it can't throw the ball or kick the ball), why not see if they have the same success vs a team that has an eveolved, modern offensive approach?

It's a belabored point, but if you guys are so good at spotting the best teams, you're wasting your time here. Go make a million in Vegas.
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