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Default Re: How good do you think we are next year?

West is just a consultant

Yes but what a consultant!

Warriors will still have trouble making the playoffs in the West

Of course but they certainly have enough talent there. It depends on rather Biedrins can return to form and rather Mark Jackson has a clue which remains to be seen. They could certainly be in the mix.

it's tight and unless Denver, Portland and New Orleans dramatically fall off and the Clippers don't make any improvement then they will probably miss again

Denver is loaded with free agents, at least 3 of which have already headed over here to the middle kingdom and if Nene leaves which looks very possible they could be fighting the Jazz for the bottom though Karl has always won somehow or another. Even if everyone else returns they are without a star as well so they are a longshot despite the way the finished after the trade last year.

New Orleans could lose West and his replacement Landry so their season is very much up in the air as well. McMillan will win and lots of talk there about guys like Landry and Crawford joining up too. Not sure Felton is an upgrade personally though.

It'll be a high lottery pick most likely, but as you've seen with Cleveland it's still a chance to win.

Their own looks like the big one though depending on how the "off-season" shakes out assuming there will be one.
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