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Default Re: Andrei Kirilenko's AMAZING NBA To Euroleague Stats Increase

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Andrei Kirilenko career NBA stats:

681 Game sample size

30.8 Minutes Per Game

12.4 Points Per Game

5.6 Rebounds Per Game
2.8 Assists Per Game

1.4 Steals Per Game
2.0 Blocks Per game

Andrei Kirilenko career NBA average highs:

10 year sample size

37.7 Minutes Per Game

16.5 Points Per Game

8.1 Rebounds Per Game
4.3 Assists Per Game

1.9 Steals Per Game
3.3 Blocks Per game

Andrei Kirilenko career Euroleague stats:

4 Game sample size

29.3 Minutes Per Game

13.0 Points Per Game

9.0 Rebounds Per Game
3.8 Assists Per Game

1.3 Steals Per Game
3.3 Blocks Per game

Oh yeah, and every single season in the NBA (including last year), Kirilenko has 4-5 game stretches with much better stats than what he has so far in the Euroleague.

Clearly, this is undeniable 100%, statistically that the NBA is a bagillion times better than the Euroleague, as Kirilenko has drastically increased his stats.

I mean it's almost ludicrous how much better his Euroleague stats are than his NBA stats............................................. .

better ppts, rebounds, assists, blocks..... Looks better to me. any shooting % on this? of course not.
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