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Default Re: Andrei Kirilenko's AMAZING NBA To Euroleague Stats Increase

Originally Posted by FF1
The point is that his weak stats are eligible for MVP of the week over there, while his weak stats aren't eligible for shit over here in the NBA.

Shows how weak the competition is. If that crap wins MVP, how bad is everyone else playing?

The point is you are an idiot.

Euroleague weekly MVP award is give based on the Larry Bird Hockey Stat.

It's not, and never has been, an actual MVP award.

Maybe if people like you would deal with reality here, the level of trolling would be acceptable.

Euroleague MVP of the week is about the single most meaningless award in pro sports world history.

Do you get it? I will explain it again. LARRY BIRD HOCKEY STAT = "Euroleague weekly MVP award".

It's not an actual MVP award, like in the NBA numb nuts. That is the point, that morons like you can't grasp. Damn, there are so many retards in this forum.

The forum guaranteed that Kirilenko would average 30/20 in Euroleague. I was thinking maybe 15/10.

The truth is he is at 13/9 so far, mostly playing against crappy teams. The point is not a one of you seems to be smart enough to realize what epic imbeciles you are, all the while acting like you are such geniuses.

Hell, it would be completely shocking and earth shattering if Kirilenko ever averaged 13/9 in a 4 game stretch in the NBA..........wait, what?

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