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Default Re: Kyrie Irving Talks Cavs, NBA Lockout

Originally Posted by JaskoX1
Honestly; we should be fine with this. Coach Scott will only craft Irving more; not like Mike Brown did with LeBron running the show and the whole locker-room we've been hearing since 06' (shaqs recent book), star player throw-chalk-dust ego crap etc.

Irving going back to college says a lot about his character. Same goes for Tristan Thompson

has tristan gone back to college as well?

definitely two mature young men

for those of you who didnt rawed it, davis thorpe, picked tristan thompson as his ROY;

David Thorpe, Scouts Inc.: When watching tape last season, the guy who jumped off the screen more than every other draftable player was Tristan Thompson. He has elite-level quickness, jumping ability and length, and those assets helped him take a huge amount of free throws as a freshman. This happened despite not being the main focal point of his team at Texas and playing in a very physical league (trust me, the NBA calls games far tighter than the Big 12).

Thompson also plays with passion and purpose, so seeing him "beast it" on a nightly basis is likely. He'll get lots of minutes and will partner with Irving as the season winds down in a great duel for the rookie of the year.

this means a lot, thorpe is the one espn guy who actualy trains and scouts at a professional level, so his optimism for tristan is definitely something to be excited about. i was far from happy on draft night when we passed on valanciunas, but im starting to come around to tristan.
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