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Default Re: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
I ran into one elf in the first town, told him "Come with me, I need your help." and he instantly joined me. That was a bit awkward. I told him to leave and he did. I hope there is more character development for companions later in the game.

For whatever reason, I'm just not that "into" this world. Maybe I'm burned out on medieval RPGs after Dragon Age 2 (which I didn't like) and The Witcher 2 already coming out this year. There just isn't enough that differentiates this world from other ones you've seen in recent games.

It's still a very good overall game so far though but it's missing that personal "wow" factor for me. And that's really just personal preference because this game is technically better than something like Fallout New Vegas but I honestly had more fun exploring the world and characters of New Vegas. We'll see, that might change as I keep going through Skyrim.

So basically still a great game but not be your cup of tea exactly? I don't care if companions are generic as long as they do their job. BTW I loved DA2 and I can't wait for Witcher 2 if it hits console.
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