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Default Re: Jeremy Lamb. Who does he remind you of?

Somebody look up Kerry Kittles. Maybe I'm just too old.

Very similar build. Very similar catch and shoot off balance games. Good cutters. Good vision as passers. Both a little limited with the ball on the floor. Operating mostly off of shot fakes, one to two bounces, and the ability to get off weird shots from weird angles that defenders aren't ready for because their length makes them unpredictable releases. Both are similar defenders in that they play a ton in the passing lanes due to their wingspan, and both could defend smaller, because their arms really bother smaller ball handlers (guys like this I hated guarding me when I played, I was a 6', 200 lb PG, and I'd take a lighter lightning quick guy defending me any day.).

Kittles was a similarly dominant College player.

At the pro level, Kittles was hurt defensively by being overpowered, which will happen to Lamb, but he was still an adequate defender in that you could move him to a couple positions and he'd still play the passing lanes for you. And offensively he was less able to finish over people, which will also happen to Lamb (that Dunk he had the other night just isn't gonna happen at the pro level. His arms reached over a tipping defender for a crazy smash, but his frame won't make defenders tip at the next level, even if he fills out). He was a very good, not great, pro, who's career was sidelined a bit by injuries. I'd expect a similar pro game for Lamb, who hopefully remains a little healthier.
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