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Default Re: Locked Out NBA Players That Are Not Meeting Expectations In Euroleague 2011-12

Euroleague weekly MVP awards:
Week 1: Andrei Kirilenko (CSKA)
Week 2: Nicolas Batum (SLUC Nancy)
Week 3: Jordan Farmar (Maccabi)
Week 4: Nicolas Batum (SLUC Nancy)

All weekly MVP's so far were NBA players.None of them is star,let alone superstar in the NBA but they are surely one of the best players in Europe.

I'm from Europe,I follow Euroleague and there are really some interesting games to see.
But anyone who compares it with NBA is crazy.NBA is much better but Euroleague is the 2nd best league in the world and it's not even close.

Little advice for all Americans on this forum:
Don't listen to people who say Euroleague is shit.It isn't.Right now it's the best basketball we have and there are some really good games (look at the last week,many close games).It's competitive and quality league,not on the NBA level but surely above any other league in the world.
After all,watch some games and judge by yourself.
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