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Default Re: Locked Out NBA Players That Are Not Meeting Expectations In Euroleague 2011-12

Originally Posted by eliteballer
Top 2 scorers in euroleague are nba players.

3 of top 5 scorers in euroleague are nba players.

7 of top 20 scorers are nba players.

top rebounder in euroleague is nba player.

5 of top 15 rebounders are nba players.

nba player 2nd in euroleaue in assists.

6 of top 20 in assists are nba players or former nba players.

NBa player leads euroleague in blocks.

Ibaka 12th in blocks playing 12 minutes a game.

Gee is one of the best rebounders in Euroleague.

I'm not even counting americans who couldnt make the NBA.

How many more players would we need to send to own euroleague?
IF you would watch Euroleague, you would know that statistics isn`t really something that you could use as a reference. Stacked teams like Panathinaikos, Maccabi, Barcelona, CSKA have many players that average 10+ points a game, but just true scorers go past 20 - on a good clubs.
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