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Default Re: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Originally Posted by Maniak
Man, not being able to kill children is so lame.

Has anybody on PC been messing around with the console commands? I sure have. Flying around shooting fireballs at villages.

Dark Brotherhood was way cooler in Oblivion, severely disappointed on that.

I've killed 3 dragons so far. 1 was a random encounter.

My guy is a 2h(pref axe) boring Nord. I kind of wanted to go the Argonian or whatever its called with a thiefy build but I feel as though it may be too late. Although after I beat the game I might do that on a new save.

Make new game and try Mage. Do my build dude it owns. All I do is cast summoned creates to fight for me... and run around healing and my summons kill them fast. Flame Atronach is what I'm using and she's pretty powerful. I'll be able to upgrade her soon too.
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