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Default Re: Locked Out NBA Players That Are Not Meeting Expectations In Euroleague 2011-12

Originally Posted by MichaelCheazley
Well in the NBA you play more if you're better(training/gametime+attitude) than your teammates in most cases.Unless your in a doghouse or play terrible D. But in the euroleague (FROM WHAT I HEARD, I'm not a follower) it's more team based and minutes are more equally divided. Also there is less of a star mentality there so that explains the stats not being so great. There is still a coach telling them what to do, they will not just get every shot just because they played in the nba.Am I correct about my assumptions?

The NBA guys are getting the same or more minutes than they did in the NBA. Batum plays 40 minutes a game. They are not playing less minutes.
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