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Originally Posted by chains5000
I'm thinking of buying this game but need some advice. How long is it? Is it really that hard? Is it the kind of game in which you "just hit buttons"?

First play through will take around 50 or 60 hours if you take your time (which you have to). If you try hitting buttons and hack and slashing, you will probably die within a minute of starting the game. You need good timing for attacks and block when appropriate. The real challenge are the bosses because they attack very often and never let up. However, once you beat the game a few times and reach ng+++ etc, the strong normal enemies become bosses themselves basically and can one-shot you.

The multiplayer is the best aspect of the game (it will be improved massively once Namco releases patch 1.05). I've platinumed the game so I just invade people like crazy and it is a lot of fun to do that. If you've played Demon Souls like I have then this game is not that hard except for a few irritating bosses (Ornstein and Smough especially). New players complain about the gargoyles, but the Demon Souls gargoyles were way harder.

I would recommend buying this game to anyone who doesn't get too easily frustrated and can learn from their mistakes. Its a game you'll come back to consistently and if you have friends with the game, it becomes even more fun (pvp vs. friends is great).
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