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Default Re: Tony Parker's Team In 13th Place In The French League

I actuallly watched some of the ASVEL games. Some facts :
- The team record is 2-4 and Parker hasn't played or trained with the team before the 2nd game and Turiaf before 5th game
- Ronny Turiaf is back from a hand injury and is not playing well so far
- Hilton Armstrong is just a crappy player even in French league and ASVEL has one of the worst front court even in French league so far. Parker can't solve that
- They played against teams that had a good record last year. SLUC that is an euroleague team + Batum. Le Havre + Mahinmi (who is very good for the french league)

Parker is the best player in French league and has been elected player of the month
He also lead French National team to the euro final and was the best player outside of Gasol
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