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Default Rose: NBA should do away with salary cap

Bulls' Rose wishes NBA would do away with salary cap

Posted Oct 26 2011 7:07AM - Updated Oct 26 2011 10:17AM

HONOLULU (AP) -- Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose has established himself among the elite NBA players in just three seasons. His salary, however, doesn't come anywhere near the top in the league, let alone his own team.
Because of rookie salary scale restrictions, the league's reigning MVP earns about $5.5 million a season - far less than other NBA stars. The scale is on the table between the league and players' association during its extended labor dispute that could result in more games being canceled and might wipe out the season.
Rose, in Hawaii this week visiting military personnel as part of the Hoops for Troops USO Tour, will undoubtedly earn a lot more when he becomes a free agent at the end of his four-year, $22.5 million contract, depending on the new agreement, of course.
"I wish it was back like where it was in the old days where there wasn't a cap,'' Rose told The Associated Press on Tuesday. "Back in the day, they were giving guys coming out of college with multimillion-dollar contracts, so why stop it now? The game is growing. There's no need to stop it.''

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