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Default Re: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Originally Posted by KeylessEntry
Game is pretty awesome so far other than the usual bugs and glitches. I am like a level 11 redguard, mostly going 1 hand sword/shield but I often use destro to kite guys who destroy me face to face. Just finished the quest to become a warewolf, looking forward to using that ability to shred apart a den of bandits. I bought the house in whiterun to store shit that I dont want to sell. Theres a chick in the inn at whiterun you can get as a follower if you beat her in a boxing match (really easy). She has a nice amulet and ring too so its worthwhile to get her as a minion just so you can make her give up her inventory.

Woah I thought they said no werewolves, just vampires this time? Can you choose when to turn? Where did you learn it? Anyone have a dragon map?
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