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Default Re: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Originally Posted by MK2V1GP
Why on PC?

Well, all RPGs are meant(imo) for a PC. They just always feel better and theres just something about it

As for Skyrim, the modding community is worth it. Once you beat skyrim/get bored of it you'll look around and find people adding new areas, quests, companions, homes, the list goes on. Some of the mods even help the games graphics/settings. Theres not too many for Skyrim right now, but if you look at some of the stuff people did for Oblivion its amazing.

Also, the console commands you get on PC(by clicking ~/`) are so useful, if you feel like being a little bit cheap, you can turn on invincibility, give yourself money, activate no clip mode, the list goes on.

All in all, you get your bang for your buck on PC. If you buy it for console but have the option to get it on PC you are straight dumb.
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