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Default Re: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
You missed my question . Is Marcurio+Meeko working excellent for you? I love him because he never ends up on knees (dying, leaves battle) like the few other melee and the ranged mercenaries I tried. Meaning he's very smart and doesn't stand around getting hit like a jackass. Plus when he goes all out on spells he's a beast. I'm a Mage and I love the way he works with my team. I let Meeko (dog for those new to this thread) and my Frost Atronach (summoned demon) tank for me and Marcurio is in the back shooting arcane spells.

he works great

i had faendal before and he was terrible, always getting knocked out and shit
everytime i would steal something he would always say some goody twoshoes line, i was getting tired of it

then all of a sudden i told him to wait in dragonsreach and he disappears and he had TONS of my gear and loot!!

had to trace him back to riverwood and "convince" him of giving my things back if you know what i mean

i do my best damage up close so having him at range it limits the amount of hits i need to take larger enemies down, since getting him my level has one from 12 to 15 which is pretty good considering it starts to slow down considerably

since i got both meeko and the mage at the same time i dont know how much more the dog helps but he is definitely down for the cause haha
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