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Default Re: Euroleague MVP of the week Farmar "This Euroleague is easier than NCAA"

Originally Posted by Nick Young
wtf yes he did brah

"Euroleague is easier than NCAA ball when I was up against college kids and these are grown ass men."

Farmar was a college kid himself when he played at UCLA, so the competition being harder for him at the time doesn't mean it's above Euroleague level.

Also Farmar is somewhere in the top 400 players in the world, now playing in a league a level below his regular level, he should be doing well.

I don't see the big deal you try to make of this, the basketball world is bigger than one league.

Also I don't get why I'm even arguing this with you, you're a complete moron who do nothing but try and waste yours and others time with stupid arguments just for the sake of doing it.
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