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Default Re: Euroleague MVP of the week Farmar "This Euroleague is easier than NCAA"

Originally Posted by Nick Young
Euroleague MVP of the week winner Jordan Farmar has gone on record recently with the Tel Aviv standard as saying he feels that playing in Euroleague is a giant step down from the NBA. He goes on to say that this is the the first "personal award I've won since highschool" and that "Euroleague is easier than NCAA ball when I was up against college kids and these are grown ass men."

In the article, which is written in Hebrew, he goes on to say he enjoys his time in Israel because it is much easier playing less games and less practices and no weight training.

Wow, it's true some of the things he said but is NCAA really better than the Euroleague? Surely the MVP must be wrong!

I'm from Israel and I read Hebrew.
Don't remember seeing such an interview and I never heard of the "Tel Aviv Standard".
Could you please put a link?
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