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Default Re: Nick Galis: "Euroleague Scrub" That Scored 50 points In A Game Against Michael Jordan

Originally Posted by LJJ
You don't understand the difference between official competition at the second highest level where there is a lot at stake, and a friendly game of a professional team against college kids? Aaalrighty then...

Or maybe you don't understand the difference between a completely indifferent friendly game and a game when a new, young National team tries to prove itself and is tested against teams with a level they rarely see. Friendly game, despite meaning nothing official, does not mean a walk in the park. You honestly think a strong team like UNC or Jordan (aka, arguably most competitive player ever) did not give a damn if they saw one player torch them?
BTW, you may not know it, but when it comes to National Team records (scoring, rebounding, appearances, etc), friendly games and tournaments are also counted.

I said prime, not 'absolute prime'. Nice freestyle extrapolation of what I said. If you don't think Galis was at the start of his prime in 1982, or Jordan was at the start of his prime in 1987, then I don't know what to say.

Uh, elite players without major injuries stay at a level we can call "prime" for a whole decade or even more.
If you watch him play in both his 1982 and his 1987 versions, you'll know which one is better and more complete. His 1982 one is quicker, more mobile and had a little better vertical. His 1987 version was just more complete. It's roughly like comparing 1986 Hakeem to 1994 Hakeem or '94 Shaq to 2000 Shaq.

You must really despise Greek basketball if you think a player, who is not even close to his prime, can average 44 points there.

And you must really think Jordan is god, if you think he was an MVP candidate in the NBA at a time when he was not even close to his prime at all.

This is why I said "absolute" prime. Peak. Nowhere did I say "not even close".
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