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Default Re: Nick Galis: "Euroleague Scrub" That Scored 50 points In A Game Against Michael Jordan

Originally Posted by Psileas
Uh, elite players without major injuries stay at a level we can call "prime" for a whole decade or even more.
If you watch him play in both his 1982 and his 1987 versions, you'll know which one is better and more complete. His 1982 one is quicker, more mobile and had a little better vertical. His 1987 version was just more complete. It's roughly like comparing 1986 Hakeem to 1994 Hakeem or '94 Shaq to 2000 Shaq.

This is why I said "absolute" prime. Peak. Nowhere did I say "not even close".

Exactly. I said he was in his prime. I never said he was at his peak. So now you are basically saying that I was initially correct in saying Galis was in his prime in 1982 and you shouldn't have argued against it? Fine, I agree.
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