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Default Re: Nick Galis: "Euroleague Scrub" That Scored 50 points In A Game Against Michael Jordan

Originally Posted by LJJ
Exactly. I said he was in his prime. I never said he was at his peak. So now you are basically saying that I was initially correct in saying Galis was in his prime in 1982 and you shouldn't have argued against it? Fine, I agree.

You and I value "prime" a little differently. I'm not sure I'd equate prime with "dominance period". If I did, I should call practically his whole career his prime, yet, it's clearly absurd to compare his 24-year old version to his 32-year old one. If you want to go by pure stats or athletic ability, fine, name this his prime. But I remind you, if you enter a Shaq thread and claim that a "prime Shaq" was swept by the Pacers in '94 or that he missed the playoffs in '93, you'll get in trouble by Shaq fans, since you'd consider Shaq's prime to be the whole '93-'05 period (and similarly, Hakeem's prime to be '85-'96, K.Malone's prime to be '88-'00 etc).

Something more to consider: The 1981 (44 ppg season) or 1982 Greek leagues were significantly weaker than the 1987 or 1990 versions, especially the 1990 one. Don't think that just a few years can't make a difference in a small country. That's partially why the 1981 or 1982 Greek NT was a mediocre team and the '87-'90 team was at least among the best in Europe.
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