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Default Re: Manu, Durant, Hedo, Gasol Bros., Calderon, Asik, Dirk, Casspi, Splitter To Europe

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Use your brain man.

This is what the NBA has done with European talents ever since guys like Pau, Dirk, Parker, ever since they saw that European players might get too much power in the "American game" and they have since then purposely crushed down the European influence.

Look at the facts.

Drafting players like Rubio, Darko, Skita with high lotto picks - players that are not even considered mildly good in Europe.

Then hyping them up to a fever pitch, saying they would be all time greatest NBA players in the case of Rubio and Darko, etc.

Then you have the NBA purposely bringing in players like Jerebko, Casspi, nothing more than role players in Europe and making them NBA starters/6th men...........

What does the NBA do with bonafide Euroleague elite players in the same times?

Spanoulis = forced to sit on the bench by his coach

Navarro = forced to take a back seat to terrible players because they "wanted the youth to play"

Papaloukas = not given anything near a fair contract offer.

Siska = same as Papaloukas

Jasikevicius = given his fair place with the Pacers, but then benched for no reason by Golden State.

The NBA markets these players as "Euro stars that just are not good enough to play in the NBA".

Meanwhile, American players that were in Euroleague get marketed as "Euroleague superstars", come to the NBA and instantly get their roles and playing time, even yes, during NBA broadcasts are called "Euroleague legends".

In this list are such "Euroleague legends" as Gary Neal, Lynn Greer, Will Bynum, Charlie Bell, etc., etc. - strangely enough these guys get plenty of playing time, even if they play way worse than the European guys did.

And then of course the most obvious one of all. The fact that now the NBA is every single year drafting guys that will never even be decent players in Europe, drafting them every year, and at the same time, choosing not to draft dozens of guys that will be good players from Europe.

And how do they talk during the NBA draft? "Every one of the best players from Europe gets drafted every year." "If they are not one of the best players from Europe, they don't get drafted".

If you can't figure out that this is NBA marketing, and is all planned then there is no hope for you.

Just look at Yao soon as the NBA realized the impact he was having in China, as soon as they realized he was a potentially dominant center and NBA player....................

the NBA began instructing the refs to take him out of games and make him a non-factor. And as it has been said from internal memos that the US senate saw when they investigated the NBA after the Tim Donaghy scandal, the NBA has actually sent out memos internally claiming that they had to stop Yao Ming's impact in the league because, "we cannot allow a Chinese player to dominate against black Americans".

Keep living in your fantasy world man.

This is proof that Euroleague is genuinely psychotic
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