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Default Deron "Europe's GOAT" Williams = 16th In Scoring In THIRD TIER European League

This forum continues to brag endlessly about how Deron Williams has, "already been officially declared the greatest player in the history of Europe."

It's strange that, "the greatest player of all time in Europe", manages to only be 16th in scoring in the THIRD TIER European competition.

Proof: --->

You would think that "the greatest player to ever set foot on the continent", could manage to be better than the number 16 scorer of the third level competition............

You would also think that, "the most dominant European player of all time", would be able to shoot higher than 40% from the field in the third tier EuroChallenge. Yet, that's what "Europe's GOAT" shoots in the competition.

Proof: ---> 3.html

This is all very weird.

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