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Originally Posted by adamcz
If you were a real Bucks fan, you would know that several teams offered a mid first for Magloire, and Harris declined. He said as much on many occasions. Who cares if we gave up Desmond Mason? It's not like we gave up 2003 Mason. We gave up the 2005 version that showed up to training camp with way too much muscle and could no longer shoot a jump shot. Most fans who were at the pre-season games were scared ****less that Mason wouldn't be able to play, but we were able to trade him before the other teams wised up.

Are teams interested in Magloire? Maybe not message board fans who can't see the obvious truth about centers (every playoff team but the Suns has one), but actual teams are. Somebody please bump this thread when Magloire does get traded so that the naysayers can get exposed.

It's true that Larry didn't give up much in that trade, but he got even less in return. They wasted a year of Bogut and pushed one of their better players (Gadz) into a 10 minute per game role. By swapping Mason for Magloire, that meant more Welsch than Gadz, whereas if they had kept Mase (who did suck last year, but not as bad as Jiri) Jiri would have got no minutes and Gadz could have got some meaningful minutes. So, they basically replaced 2 good players in their rotation with 2 bad ones. Plus, they threw in a pick. Plus, Larry didn't rectify the mistake by trading Magloire before other team's realized he can't play. Overall, the move was horrible on so many levels that it has really hurt my opinion of Larry (that can change if he can get a good player for Magloire. I just don't see what team would be stupid enough to give up someone good for him.).
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