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Default Facts that say Dirk is MVP

I hear alot of misinformed Phoenix and even some Dallas fans going around various forums saying that wednesdays double O.T victory for Nash made him "clearly in front of Dirk for MVP". Well this is BS.
If you want to nickel and dime here, then Dirk comes out on top simply because he led his team to go 2-1 vs the suns this year. Dirk even dropped 35 and 7 in the first game, and in the second he dropped 27 with 10 rebound and 10-11 from the free throw line against the suns those first two suns defeat, OH BUT WAIT, according to fans and, only this recent mavs loss to the suns plays a role in the MVP race, why not the first 2 matchups where Dirk leads his team to overcome the suns twice in a row??? Nope, you only hear about the ONE game Nash finally comes through against the Mavs(even though it was pretty lucky). Also with a not to shabby performance by Dirk in this loss for the 1st time this season this past wednesday against the suns, he posted 30 pts 16 rebounds and 6 assists. Dirk played efficient and unselfish, his teamates just lacked the ability to close the game out with a costley foul on Josh Howard to let nash shoot 3 free throws and eventually cut the lead to 2 with just a little bit of time left in regulation. The Mavs missed a free throw and nash scored a game tieing 3 pointer to extend the game to overtime, if Dirks players had just done thier job, then this matter of the Suns winning wouldnt exist. Amare went 16-19 scoring 41 pts and bringing down 10 boards; in my opinion if anything that performance should be recognize. Im not saying that Nash didnt play a great game, im just saying its not that hard to rack up assists when you have a beast like Amare who goes 84% from the field and is considered by many the best finisher in the game today. Dirk has lead his team to more wins and have played in more games than Nash making him more productive to his team. Want a consistency stat? Dirk could be the only one beside Larry Bird to finish the regular season shooting over 50% from the field(currently is shooting 49%), shooting over 90% from the free throw line(currently is shooting 90% on the dot) and a 3 point % over 40%(currently shooting 41%). In the month March, Dirk is also averaging 22.0 pts 10.2 rebounds 5.2 assists per game. And dont forget the 25.1 pts, 9.5 rebounds, and 3.5 assists hes been averaging the whole year.

Some may argue that Nash is just more valuable to his team than Dirk is, so let me break this down for you. The mavs originally had 1 All-Star(Dirk) until Josh Howard filled in as an alternate, and the suns had a legit 2 All-Stars with Nash and Marion. But thats not it, Amare Stoudemire who should have made the all star game is now averaging 20.8 pts 9.8 rebounds and shooting a ridiculous 58.4% from the field in 60 games. Amare alone can arguably be the best on the suns, thats how good he is. The suns also have the soon-to-be 6th man of the year in Leandro Barbosa whos netting a little over 17 pts per game. The suns also have many role players such as Diaw and Raja. So that said, how can Nash seriously be the heart, soul, and the main reason the suns are having the great season their having? He cant. Dirk is just leading his team to a better record and a most likely home-court advantage throughout the playoffs with alot less talent around him than Nash possesses.

Nash is definatly a hall of famer with back to back MVPs that shouldnt be forgotten, Nash COULD pull ahead of Dirk this year for the MVP because of the amount of games left, so its possible. But according to the proof(stats), Dirk should most likely hold his ground in being #1 in the voting if the the MVP isnt fixed like David Stern rigging the NBA finals last year or if the fans of the NBA prove their not as dumb as I think they are like they proved it when the majority of voters didnt have Dirk on their ballot as a starter for the All-Star game, they would rather see a has-been like Tim Duncan start over a 7 foot jump shooter who distributes the ball and who has all the amazing stats i listed above, this year.

And now for my last argument. Some may say Dirk fails to hit the shot when it counts most, that is only true this past loss vs the suns when Dirk missed a few key shots. I already took this MVP race into deep detail, now i will look at the big picture. Dirk has led his team to more victories and less losses than Nash has led his team, Dirk got the job done as of this point to maintain a steady lead over the Suns for top spot in the Western Conferance. Steve Nash has not gotten the job done to lead his team in more wins and less losses like Dirk has with his. As of right now, Dirk Nowitzki IS the Most Valuable Player in the NBA. Not to mention Nash doesnt have to face division rivals like San Antonio and Houston like the mavs do, the Suns get to feed off of the L.A Fakers(losing streak of 7 at the moment), and the just plain awful Goldenstate, L.A clippers, and Sacremento. To have the record the mavs do considering the rockets and spurs are in thier division, it would only make sense to crown the mavs best player with the MVP as of today.

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