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Default Re: Jerry Sloan steps down, leaves Utah Jazz! Era is over!

In his book, Amaechi was highly critical of coach Jerry Sloan, castigating him for his old-school and often profane motivational techniques. "Jerry raged against players whom he thought didn't play hard enough, claiming they were undermining coaches across the league," Amaechi wrote. "If we lost two or three in a row, he would stride into practice yelling, 'You (expletives) are trying to get me fired. I'm not losing my job because you guys aren't hustling.' "During one of these job-insecurity diatribes, Karl (Malone) looked at me and smirked, 'If only we were so lucky.' Then he went back to the posture he'd long ago adopted: working diligently on his game while pretending Jerry didn't exist."

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