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Default Re: Nick Galis' Euroleague Stats Age 34 Vs. Deron Williams' EuroChallenge Stats Age 27

Originally Posted by rodman91
35 years old Darryl Dawkins in Euroleague. Years after he was retired from NBA because he wasn't able to play with injuries anymore.Wanted to come back to NBA in 94..never happened.

13.9 ppg (81%) 1st in Euroleague
9.2 rpg 5th in Euroleague
2.1 spg 4th in Euroleague
29 mpg

Michael Ray Richardson

37 years old Michael Ray Richardson. Years after he was banned from NBA because of drugs.He played in Europe until 47 years old.

18.6 ppg
6.1 rpg
6.1 apg 1st in Euroleague
2.9 spg 2nd in Euroleague

Yeah.....let me guess 14/9 is "dominating" right.

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