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I don't know what's funnier:

1. That you, after accusing me of jealousy, go on about how this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Hmmmm...wonder who's hung up on who.

For the record, I'm the fan of the school who DIDN'T lose to 14 and 13 seeds in the 1st round of the last two NCAA tournaments.

Bears mentioning.

2. That learning this news this morning was going to ruin my day, or so I thought.

Then I open the paper this afternoon, and learn that Turner's teammate, Demetri McCamey, committed to Illinois on the same day.

Who's the better player of the two?

Probably Turner.

Who's the bigger need?

McCamey. Without question.

We needed a point guard a lot more than we needed a wing, and we've got a point guard now. A damn good one. Maybe the next Deron. Lots of similarities between the two: teammates with a more highly-regarded wing player in high school; built like linebackers; ranked around the 50ish range; not flashy, but very athletic and smart with the ball.

If Derrick wants to join the fun and be a part of a three-guard setup that would even eclipse Dee/Deron/Luther....awesome. If not, there's still some damn good players out there that are interested in Illinois. If one of them wants to come on board, great. If not, well, I'm happy with this recruiting class as it already is. Because as it is, on paper, this recruiting class is already on par with Self's best at Illinois.

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