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Default Re: Greg Oden is still healing and not cleared for basketball activity

Originally Posted by pete's montreux
Big Z's first four seasons were completely injury riddled and he came back to become a very good NBA player so It's not far fetched.
True, but it's not to the extend of what Oden's gone through. Z had issues with the same foot. Oden has issues with both his knees now...

And in Z's first season he played all 82 games and started 81 of those. Equally what Oden's done in his first seasons up until now. He played over 160 gamers his first 4 seasons.

I definitely see what you're saying and agree with you, but Z's stuff doesn't see as bad as Oden's. Especially considering the Blazers history with passing up Jordan for you know who. Except this time they passed up Durant for Oden.
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